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What should we expect at the session?

I want you all to relax and just be you. I get it that you want your kids to sit still and smile. I love to capture the everyday. I love the crazy hair, those innocent little giggles, the little ones that don’t want to smile, believe me, these are at times my favourite, and even those little tears. I love them all. My style is raw, connection based, authentic and full of emotion. My main focus is to capture you and your family as you are. I want to capture the love, the hugs and the connection between you. As those are the moments we will hold onto forever. We will be moving around at the location to different spots. I love to find the most gorgeous light, and you might even hear me squeal of excitement when I get that perfect light and moment. We will get to know one another and actually have fun. So, please relax and enjoy.

Do you use Photoshop?

All images from our session will be hand chosen by me and edited with love to suit my style of photography! I photograph you and your family as you are, raw and natural.

What if we are sick on the session day?

If you or your children are sick, then we definitely will reschedule. And same goes for me. No one wants to be coughing over each other and trying to have fun when all you really want to do is rest.

Outdoor location choices

I will send a few recommendations as to where will be best suited outdoors for our session together. This could vary from beach, to bush, to natural tree plantations and even just an open field. I do have a lot of options on hand, and would be happy to chat about this.

Bad weather concern

Usually stormy clouds make for the most gorgeous images, and the light is usually beautiful as well. If it seems like it will rain, I will get in touch with you and try to work around it. I try to wait for the actual session date before I make a decision. It has happened before where a lot of rain was predicted, and then we had the total opposite.

How long do I wait for my images?

I will post a sneak peek on social media, Facebook and Instagram within 1-3 days. Then I will send you an email with your gallery link and password, within 3-4 weeks, and once the print order or any other add on’s are received, I will post out your USB with full resolution images and web files.

Best time of day for sessions?

Outdoor sessions are best when done an hour before sunset as this is when the light is at it’s best and magic happens. During summer time sunset could be well after 7pm, and in the winter usually around 5.30-6pm. If you have little ones and are a little concerned about getting them home and in bed too late, I would recommend to do your sessions during the cooler months as sunset is earlier than in the summer. Most sessions I have done with little ones have been great, as the excitement about an outing and new location is usually enough to keep the little ones happy. As long as they have had a little rest and a meal before, they should be good to go.

What to wear


This is your moment to shine. Choosing the appropriate attire is key. And I know it could be hard to come up with a good and solid wardrobe choice, but I am here to help guide you. It is important that you choose clothes that make you feel comfortable and reflect your style and personality. Especially with our children.

For children

I would recommend finding outfits with a lot of visual interest. Clothing with textures, layers, ruffles, skirts, leggings, dresses and jeans etc. Make it fun for them, but remember they are little and also have their own dress sense.
Or if you would like to have the timeless look. It is stunning when clients show up with the most simple and timeless outfit. A plain white lace dress with a simple bow. Or Great grandma’s smock dress. The option is yours.
Please try to dress the little ones in clothing that fits them well, not something that they still need to grow into.

For family / couple / children

Soft and neutral colours always work well in images. Start by choosing one favourite outfit for one person, (usually this outfit would be the “busy” outfit that has the floral pattern or stripes) and then draw colour inspiration from that outfit for the others.
Matching is out.
Coordinating colour is the key to any wardrobe choice. It’s good to choose 2-3 main colours for your outfits, and maybe one accent pop of colour to bring it all together.

Layers add so much beauty. dimension and depth in an image. In the winter layers are easy, scarves, hats, cardigans etc. But what about the summer? Well, adding a cute belt to a gorgeous little dress would do the trick, a gorgeous necklace or even bangles would do the trick. Accesories are also key.

What not to wear

Please avoid logo printed clothing or clothing with writing on. It simply doesn’t photograph well and can often be very distracting.

What to wear for lifestyle newborn session

The only time wardrobes should be kept simple and to the minimal, is with newborns. The focus will be on your precious little baby, and not your outfit.
Wearing white, grey or black for these sessions are key. When adding siblings to these images, it is a good idea to dress them in very soft neutral colours. Soft pinks or blue will still not draw too much attention away from the baby
Please let me know if you need any help, I am happy to assist.